Additional Handouts and Information

Evening Assessment Program Apprentice Information

Evening Assessment Program Apprentices, please see below for group assignments for your upcoming night classes:

Evening Assessment Program Group A

Evening Assessment Program Group B

Evening Assessment Program Group C

The following materials are required for the first night of school (March 1st Night):

  • Conduit/Circuitry Shops: Hard Hat, Safety Glasses, Calculator, Pencil, Torpedo Level, Tape Measure, and hack saw.
  • AC/DC Theory Class: Notebook, Writing Utensil, Calculator, NO TEXTBOOK REQUIRED (handouts will be provided).
  • Code Class: 2017 Code Book, Writing Utensil, and notebook.

2017 Code Books are available for sale in the JATC office for $78.00 (NO CASH)

Please review the Evening Program Schedule here: Evening Assessment Program Schedule

Any further questions can be sent to

Fifth Year Apprentice Important Information 

Fall 2017 Apprentice Transcripts are available via e-mail only. Please e-mail for all transcripts.

June 7th @ 6:30 PM

Invitations for graduation (that apprentices can send to family & friends) will be made available to apprentices on May 24th. Those who graduate with their license on June 7th  will begin receiving JW pay on June 8th. Those with licenses at graduation will be given a JW union card- it’s your responsibility to notify your employers payroll department of your classification change- the JATC nor Local 103 will notify them.

JW Orientation:
May 24th at 4:30 PM

Local 103 officers will review Journeyman process for signing out of work list, referral procedures etc.… and answer general questions. Dinner will be served and we will be raffling off Vendor and Contractor donated tools and tickets to Boston sporting events. We will also review graduation logistics.

License Applications:
If anyone has obtained their license they need to report it to the office so their raise to Step 10 can be processed.

Those who haven’t applied for their license; should be getting to the 8000 work hour plateau and now is the time to start the license application process. It is a 3 step process;

  1. Gather your green sheets (form 272)
  2. Fill out application
  3. Drop items off to JATC office for review and educational form. *

*allow the JATC anywhere from 2-4 weeks to review your application- apprentices need to understand that many are applying and the office workload is heavy at this time with code update and applicant testing & interviews. They need to be patient. Calling Tricia every day for status updates will not make the process any quicker.

All the license application and forms are located in the lobby bulletin board area- if you have questions or need additional forms

Fifth Year Electrical Building Automation Syllabus:
Building Automation 5D 2017-18 Building Automation 5H 2017-18 (002)

License Application Forms:
Systems Technician Form 272 Employment Certification
Journeyman Electrician Form 272 Employment Certification

Apprentice Tool Lists: 
Electrical Tool List
Telecomm Tool List