Monday, January 8, 2018

First Year Electrical

  • Group A, Circuitry, O’Connell, D. Module #1, Homework: Wiring #1
  • Group F, Circuitry, Joyce, R. First Year Wiring Module 1 Quiz, Homework: 1st year circuitry homework

Third Year Electrical

  • Fire Alarm, Group A, Final Exam, Homework: LMS Lessons 7 & 8 due 1/26/18
  • Industrial Shop, Group F Homework: Security Access Control, Review Field Devices, Install wiring for field devices, terminate field devices, program and test system

Fifth Year Electrical

  • Group A, Code, No Test/Quiz, Homework: N/A
  • Group C, Building Automation, Whalen, D. Online Quiz, Homework: Lessons 6 and 7 due 1/15/18 by 6:00 AM
  • Group D, Fiber Optics, Lucca, S. No Test/Quiz, Homework: Read and Answer Questions