Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Fourth Year Electrical

Group A and B

  • Bus Duct Shop, Gibson, K. No Test/Quiz, Homework: None
  • Code, Naughton, D.
    • Health Care Quiz, Homework: Health Care Lesson 4
    • Code- No Test/Quiz, Homework: C & P 4,5 Lesson 2

Group C and D

  • Grounding and Motors, Whalen, D.
    • Motors – Quiz-2, Week 2 Handout Motors Homework
    • Grounding – Quiz -2, Homework: LMS II
  • Intro to Computers, Bendell, D. N/A

Group E and F

  • Motor Control Shop. Donovan, M. Quiz, Homework: Study for Quiz for Next Class
  • OSHA30, Spellman, T. Quiz #3, Homework: Chapter 12 of the Blue Book and Chapter 5 of the orange Book

First Year Telecomm

  • Structured Cabling, Olson, T. Final Exam
  • Job Information, Olson, T. Final Exam
  • Computers/DC Theory, Rasmussen, T. Final Exam