Friday, February 14, 2020

Third Year Electrical Group A Blueprints, Gibson, K. Quiz #1, Homework: None AC Theory, Whalen, D. Take Home Quiz, Homework: Absent Student Must Make up Quiz on Saturday Transformers, Borden, L. Quiz 1, Homework: Transformers Question Handout Code and Practices, Lally, B. No Test/Quiz, Homework: Group B Blueprints, Gibson, K…. Read more

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Second Year Electrical¬† Group G Code, DeMello, J. Fina, Homework: Electrical System Chapter 7 review Questions #1-25 (pgs. 277-78) Transformers, Breen, B. Quiz, Homework: Lesson 1 Quiz 1 LMS AC Theory, Adjemian, R. No Test/Quiz, Homework: Review Chapter 5 Theory NFPA, Gibson, K. NFPA Test, Homework: None *If you missed… Read more

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Second Year Electrical¬† Circuitry Module 1 Homework: E2 Module 5 HW Group A Transformers, Whalen, D. Take Home Quiz -1, Homework: Trans LMS – 1 Due 6 AM next class Code, Weinstein, J. No Test/ Quiz, Homework: Electrical System Book pages 355+356 – Questions – 6,9,10,12,13 +19, pages 401+402 –… Read more

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Fourth Year Electrical¬† Group A and B Signal Person, Whalen, D. Crane Competency Test, Homework: None Leadership, Breen, B. No Test/Quiz, Homework: Lesson 8 Quiz 8 Motors/Grounding, Borden, L. Quiz 4 Motors, Homework: Grounding Take Home Group C and D Motor Control Shop, Fix, R. & Donovan, M. Quiz, Homework:… Read more

Monday, February 10, 2020

First Year Electrical Module 3 Homework for Circuitry – CIRCUITRY HW 3 Group A Job Information, DeBellis, F. Lesson 9 Quiz, Homework: LMS #10 Voice Data Video, Olson, T. Quiz Lesson 10, Homework: Lesson 6 LMS Questions Code, DeMello, J. Quiz Special Chapters, Homework: LMS 1 Code, Standards and Practice… Read more