Thursday, December 20, 2018

Fourth Year Electrical

Group G and H

  • Crane Signal, O’Connell, M. N/A
  • Motors, Borden, L. Quiz, Homework: Grounding Take Home Quiz
  • Leadership, Breen, B. No Test/Quiz, Homework: None

Group I and J

  • Motor Control Shop, Fix, R. Quiz, Homework: Study for quiz next class per class direction and notes
  • OSHA, Spellman, T. Quiz #1 Intro to OSHA, Homework: Module 34 Fall Protection

Group K and L

  • Shop, Whalen, D. N/A
  • Large Cable Installation, No Test/Quiz, Homework: N/A
  • Code Health Care Systems, Naughton, D. Quiz
    • Code: Code and Practice 4 LMS Lesson 3
    • Healthcare: Healthcare Systems Chapter 3 Review

Second Year Telecomm

  • Fire Alarm Shop, Proctor, B. Chapter 2 Quiz, Homework: Chapter 3 Review Questions pg. 89/ Review Notes
  • Security Shop, Funk, R. N/A