Thursday, May 2, 2019

Fourth Year Electrical

Group G and H

  • Bus Duct Shop, Gibson, K. No Test/Quiz, Homework: None
  • Code, Mullaney, J. Quiz, Homework: N/A

Group I and J

  • Leadership, Breen, B. Final
  • Motor/Grounding, Borden, L. Final, Homework: None
  • Building Jobs, Whalen, D. N/A

Group K and L

  • OSHA, Spellman, T. Final
  • Motor Control Shop, Fix, R. Competency Test

Second Year Telecomm

  • AC Theory, Funk, R. Quiz #3, Homework: Review Chapter 1-2-3-4-5-8
  • Security, Funk, R. Quiz #3, Homework: Review 1-5 LMs and 17+18 Chapters
  • Fire Alarm, Proctor, B. No Test/Quiz, Homework: Review Notes and Quiz for Final Exam
  • D License Code, Olson, T. Quiz 11-18, Homework: Questions 51-84