Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Fourth Year Electrical 

Group A and B

  • Motors and Grounding, Borden, L. No Test/Quiz, Homework: Motor and Grounding Handout
  • Leadership, Breen, B. No Test/Quiz, Homework: Review for Final
  • Technical Shop, Whalen, D. Quiz, Homework: Bring Tools for next week

Group C and D

  • OSHA, Marrone-Joyce, J. No Test/Quiz, Homework: Mod – 18 Questions 3-45, Module 33 Questions 2-34, Module 35 Questions 2-4-5
  • Motor Control Shop, Fix, R. No Test/Quiz, Homework: Review all lessons for competency test on 3/10

Group E and F

  • Construction Shops, Gibson, K. No Test/Quiz, Homework: None
  • Code Calculations, Naughton, D. No Test/Quiz, Homework: Code Calculations LMS Lesson 16
  • Code License Prep, O’Connell, M.
    • Group E – Quiz, Homework: EV-A041-91C4 in Class Examview – Study for Final
    • Group F- Quiz, Homework: EV-4ED9-9185 in class Examview – Study for Final

First Year Telecomm

  • DC Theory, Ng, T. No Test/Quiz, Homework: LMS Level 3, Lesson #5 due 3/9 @ 12PM
  • Voice Data Video, Proctor, B. Quiz, Homework: Quiz for Lesson 5 LMS/Study for Chapter 5 Quiz
  • Computers, Rasmussen, T. Quiz, Homework: Cisco LMS Chapter 5 and 6, Quiz 70% due 3/16, Chapter 5 and 6 Exam Due 3/22 @ 10 PM
  • Orientation, Spellman, T. Quiz #2 LMS #1, Homework: Do LMS #3 and Study for Quiz #3

Fifth Year Electrical

  • Group B, Cabling Splicing, Crowley, C./O’Connell, B. No Test/Quiz, No Homework
  • Group C, Building Automation, Nigro, J. Final Exam
  • Group D
    • Estimating, Murphy, C. Quiz, Homework: N/A
    • Job Management, Goodnow, A./Weinstein, W. Final
  • Group E, Fiber Optics, Lucca,S. Final