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Due to the pandemic and reorganization efforts at WIT, they have temporarily paused all part-time undergraduate programs (part time Bachelors and Associates). We hope to have an update in the Fall of 2021 when the partnership program will resume. In the meantime, the Graduate School is offering 15% tuition discount (discount of roughly $5,300) for any union member if they already have a Bachelor’s degree and wish to further their education with a Master’s Degree. Most of the graduate programs are comprised of only 10 or 11 courses to earn the degree. Part-time students could finish in less than two years.

Visit: https://wit.edu/admissions/graduate for more info or contact Graduate Admissions Counselor Kathryn Melo at  617-989-4411 or by email melok1@wit.edu 

WIT is also offering members certificate training https://wit.edu/careers/career-prep

We have a reciprocal partnership with Wentworth Institute of Technology where our apprentices and journeymen can earn their associates, bachelors and masters degrees at a reduced rate. They (Wentworth) recognizes our apprenticeship and gives our students 35 credit hours towards a degree.

Wentworth Partnership COVID-19 Updates

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Here are a few of our students/members speaking about the benefits of this partnership: