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Please visit this page again during the application period of November 1-30, 2022.
As an applicant, it is your responsibility to read and understand the contents of this notice.
The JATC of Greater Boston will not be responsible if you fail to read and to understand the procedures contained herein. If, after reading, there are any questions you may have, please email to get any items clarified.
This offering is for any person who meets the following requirements.
1) Age – Must be 18 years of age or older.  (Those applying in 2022 must turn 18 by August 31, 2023.)
2) Education – Must have ONE of the following by the end of June 2023:   a) High School Diploma   b) GED or HiSet   c) Two-year Associate Degree or Higher
3) Application Fee – $50.00 Electrical Program, $50.00 Telecommunications Program; payable at time of application. Fee is non-refundable.  Payable by Credit Card or Debit Card at the time of online application.
4) Drug test – Must be able to pass a drug test before beginning apprenticeship. The JATC has a zero tolerance policy for drug use. (Apprenticeship offers will be withdrawn upon positive drug test results.) Apprentices are drug tested throughout the apprenticeship.
5) This is a web-based program – Applicants must have a valid email address. Accepted Applicants are required to have access to the internet and a computer.
6) Aptitude Test – Aptitude Test S-72R77 will be scheduled for all applicants.  Applicants for the Electrical Apprenticeship must score High to qualify for an interview. Applicants for the Telecommunication Apprenticeship must score High or Medium to qualify for an interview. Click Here for a full description of the test.
7) Other Requirements – Applicants must: a) be legally eligible to work in the United States   b) live within the area covered by Local 103, IBEW. Click Here for a list of towns in the jurisdiction. c) provide proof of Covid-19 vaccination before being assigned to work in 2023 (if accepted)
If you believe you are an individual with a disability, you are welcome to inform us of this by emailing Training Director
Christopher D. Sherlock at

Note: Applying to the program consists of creating an account, paying a fee and filling out an online application.  The application fee is non-refundable.

Please visit this page again during the application period of November 1-30, 2022.