Apprentice Information

2020-2021 School Year Information

Upon lay off/return to work, please email with the title “Lay Off” or “Return to Work” along with your name, company and date of lay off/return to work. 

2020-2021 Book Information:

Book Fee Information: Click Here for the 2020-2021 Book Fee Flyer

Log in HERE to pay for your books.

Click Here to view and download the 2020 Mass Amendments
Click Here to view and download 237 Commonwealth of Mass Regulations

Apprentice Step Raises

Please see important Apprentice Pay Rate Information on the Apprentice Login Tab

Access your apprentice account:

  1. Click here to log in
  2.  To Login…you must use your email address that is on file with the JATC. If you do not have an email on file, call the JATC office and supply your current email.
  3.  The FIRST TIME you log on, enter your email address and click “Reset Password”
  4.  An email will be sent to your address, click the link in the email and type in a password
  5.  Go back to login screen and login using your password

Online LMS (Learning Management System):

LMS Log in Instructions: LMS Instructions

If you’re having LMS issues FIRST attempt to use an alternative internet browser.  Some lessons will not work on Google Chrome, but will work on Internet Explorer or Firefox.

If all else fails, contact LMS Support.  The LMS Support team is very helpful, simply explain your issue in your ticket and submit.  You may not get an instant response, but someone will get back to you in a timely manner.

Apprentice Tool Lists: Click Here