License Application Info

Follow these steps to apply for your Journeyman or Systems Technician license:

  1. Get 272 Forms totaling 8,000 hours for Journeyman Electrician License or 4,000 hours for Systems Technician License
    EL 272 Form-printable     TC 272 Form-printable
  2. Fill out Printable License Application Form and attach a recent, 2″ x 2″ photo of yourself with a plain background.
  3. Obtain a copy of your high school diploma or equivalency (OR a copy of your high school transcript)
  4. When above items are complete, request a school certificate from the JATC by emailing Expected processing time for school certificates is approximately two weeks.
  5. Email above items to PSI at the email address on Page 1 of the Application Form (*
    *Tip: There is a scan feature in the Notes app for iPhones – it creates crisp copies of your documents for emailing. Not required, just a suggestion.
  6. Create an account at Log in and check your status periodically.  Once you are approved, you can schedule your exam right through
  7. Upon taking the exam, email a photo of the license or test results to  Pay rate increases go into effect the day after you email proof of taking the exam.  Pay increases are not retroactive back to the date of the test.  See below for further info on raises based on licensure.

Click Here for a printable version of the steps above.

All forms needed are located above as printable PDFs.

You have ONE YEAR from the date of approval to pass the exam.

The Application Form will need to be notarized.  There are notary public services in most banks.  

Veterans credit: Applicants who qualify as a veteran per M.G.L. c. 4, § 7, clause forty-third must submit a copy of discharge form (forms DD214 and DD215) to receive benefits of the Valor ACT and 5 points exam credits.

To apply for a Master or Systems Contractor license, follow all steps above except Steps 1 and 7.
You must have had your Journeyman or Systems Technician license for a minimum of one year but proof of work experience is not required.

Click Here to view and download the 2020 Mass Amendments

Click Here to view and download 237 Commonwealth of Mass Regulations

Click Here to view and download Mass General Laws, Chapter 141

Click Here for State licensing requirements effective February 7, 2020

Click Here for contact information of approved code update providers

Click Here for the full Candidate Information Bulletin.

Click Here for instructions on disabling pop-up blockers for the online code update class.

If you have submitted your license application and are waiting for approval, the following methods should be used to check your status:

  1. Log into the account you created in Step 6 above.  If you see “No Activity Found” that means you have not been approved yet.  It does not mean that they have not received your application.
  2. If longer than two months has passed since you submitted your application, we suggest emailing the following to ask for the status of your license application:
    – Board of State Examiners of Electricians:
    – PSI at and

Please note: The JATC does not have access to your online PSI account or the status of your license application.

Pay Raises based on licensure:

The apprentice rules and regulations state “An apprentice having served 8000 hours with the JATC Program and receiving Pay Period 8 will be advanced to Pay Period 9 only upon his/her attempting the Massachusetts State Examination for Licensure and notifying the JATC.  Note:  It is the apprentice’s responsibility to notify the JATC of having taken the Massachusetts State Examination for Licensure.  An apprentice will advance to Step 9 if the JATC determines the apprentice provided satisfactory evidence that he/she attempted the exam. Pay Period 9 will go into effect the day after the JATC is provided satisfactory evidence.”

All apprentices are responsible for notifying the JATC office upon obtaining their license.