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Current Applicant FAQ

When will I start?

If you are selected as an apprentice you can expect to begin working for a Local 103, IBEW signatory contractor in June or July and school will begin in September.

For example, someone applying in November 2022 will begin work in June or July 2023 and school in September 2023.

What is on the Aptitude Test?

Common mistakes Applicants make are not reading the Aptitude Test Description or referring to outside sources who may give incorrect information about the test.  The description below provides a complete, thorough list of what is on the test.  There are no additional subjects on the test.  There is no algebra on the test.
Click here for a complete description of everything that is on the test.

How can I prepare for the Aptitude Test?

To prepare for the Aptitude Test you should:

  1. Read the Aptitude Test Description carefully. Click here for a complete description of everything that is on the test.
  2. Follow the suggested methods for studying listed under each subject.

There is an optional test prep course offered by an independent vendor: Lewis Latimer Test Prep Course Info
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If I applied before, will I have to take the Aptitude Test again?

If you scored High within the past three years, you will not be scheduled for the aptitude test again.  You will receive notification that we will apply your previous test score to your current application.

What type of COVID-19 Vaccination card is required?

If you are accepted and we request your Covid-19 Vaccination Record, your card must show proof that you are fully vaccinated (“Fully vaccinated” means you received two (2) doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, or one (1) dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine).