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Application FAQ

When can I apply?

The JATC accepts applications once a year, usually for a few weeks in November.  Application dates are normally announced on the website in October.

How do I apply?

We accept applications online during our scheduled application period in November each year.  There is a $50, non-refundable application fee for each program.

What is the starting pay rate?

Electrical Apprentices are currently starting at $20.25 per hour. Telecomm Apprentices are currently starting at $15.19 per hour.

If I apply, will I definitely get accepted?

Not everyone who applies will get accepted because there are more qualified candidates than available jobs.

Will I have to find my own job?

If you are selected as an apprentice the JATC will assign you for employment with a Local 103, IBEW signatory contractor.

What is on the Aptitude Test?

Common mistakes Applicants make are not reading the Aptitude Test Description or referring to outside sources who may give incorrect information about the test.  The description in the link below provides a complete, thorough list of what is on the test.  There are no additional subjects on the test.  There is no algebra on the test.

Click Here for Printable Aptitude Test Description, Info and Tips

How much will the program cost me?

There is no tuition.  Applicants must pay the application fee and apprentices are required to purchase books and pay apprentice fees each year.  Books and fees are approximately $400 to $650 per apprentice, per year.

When will I start?

If you are selected as an apprentice you can expect to begin working for a Local 103, IBEW signatory contractor in June or July and school will begin in September. For example, an apprentice applying in November 2018 will begin work in June or July 2019 and school in September 2019.