Drug Policy



The IBEW Local 103 Joint Apprenticeship and Training Fund recognizes that substance abuse exists in the Apprentice Training Program and in the trade. Substance abuse and impairment compromise workplace safety. This Policy is intended to eradicate substance abuse in theĀ Apprentice Training Program, and to provide apprentices the opportunity to receive help necessary to become healthy, productive and safe journey workers.

  1. Drug and alcohol use will not be tolerated on the job or at school.
  2. Total abstinence is required before and during school or work. Apprentices must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol at school or work. (This also includes any breaks.)
  3. Any apprentice found using, distributing, selling or in possession of alcoholic beverages and/or drugs on any training site or at the work place, may be immediately terminated from the program.
  4. An apprentice shall be referred to the Director or Assistant Director by an instructor if in the instructor’s opinion the apprentice is in violation of Sections 1, 2 or 3. An apprentice may also be referred to the Director or Assistant Director by a job foreman, superintendent, owner, steward or journey member if an apprentice appears to be performing his or her work at an unacceptable level of job performance.
  5. The JATC has a ZERO tolerance policy for drug use. Apprenticeship offers will be withdrawn upon positive drug test results.
  6. All apprentices are subject to random drug testing. Apprentices who fail the drug test will be subject to discipline, which will include, at a minimum, suspension for one academic year. The apprentice will be referred to Modern Assistance Program. The apprentice will appear before the JATC to determine whether the apprentice will be readmitted to the Apprentice Training Program at the end of any suspension.
  7. The Director or Assistant Director reserves the right to drug test, or refer to Modern Assistance Program, apprentices that violate any rule or regulation consistent with JATC policy.
  8. When appropriate, and upon completion of the probationary period, the JATC will afford the affected apprentice one opportunity to be referred to an employee assistance professional.
  9. The JATC may take disciplinary action up to and including termination for failure to fulfill the requirements of this Policy, or any collectively bargained Drug and Alcohol Policy.
  10. This is a 100% drug free program. If you are taking any medications, prescribed by a physician or not, you must disclose this to the Modern Assistance Program as soon as you begin taking that medication