July LMS Assignments

E-2 LMS Assignments due 7.10 All LMS activity is tracked electronically. Coursework should be taken seriously. You will be tested on all LMS coursework. Failure to complete the work or any work submitted that is questionable will not count and you may not advance to third year. Testing & Assessment… Read more

April LMS Assignments

April LMS Assignments: Construction Wireman: CW PDF Electrical Year 1: Electrical Year 1 PDF Electrical Year 2: Electrical Year 2 PDF Electrical Year 3: Electrical Year 3 PDF Electrical Year 4: Electrical Year 4 PDF Telecom Year 1: Telecomm Year 1 PDF Telecom Year 2: Telecomm Year 2 PDF Telecom… Read more

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Fourth Year Electrical Group A and B Tech Shops, Whalen, D. N/A Motors/Grounding, Borden, L. Finals Leadership, Breen, B. Final Group C and D OSHA 30, Marrone-Joyce, J. Final Motor Control Shop, Fix, R. Final Group E and F Code, Borden, L. & Naughton, D. Final, Homework: None Bus Duct,… Read more

Monday, March 9, 2020

Group A Circuitry, Joyce, R. 1st Year Wiring Final, Homework: None Group B Job Information, DeBellis, F. No Test/Quiz, Homework: LMS Level 2, Lesson 3 Code, DeMello, D. Quiz – working space , Homework: LMS 4 Voice Data Video, Olson, T. No Test/Quiz- Hands on RJ45’s, Homework: Finish Lesson 5… Read more